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Brexit withdrawal

The vexed issue of the Irish border and the terms of the deal can be sealed by the beginning of November.

The EU negotiator voiced. Causing Sterling to rise sharply against the US Dollar. However the 27 states are expected to give Mr. Barnier more scope and order him to deal with Theresa May. Rather than allowing Britain to crash out of the bloc.

Fears mount that the PM could be ousted and replaced by Boris Johnson a hardline Brexiteer. Making the conciliatory move dubbed a ‘save Theresa operation’. Having the prospect of an agreement could bolster Mrs May. Who tries to sell her Chequers plan to a mutinous Tory party

Mr. Barnier this afternoon speaking at a forum in Slovenia said: ‘I think if we are realistic we are able to reach an agreement on the first stage of the work – which is the Brexit treaty – within six to eight weeks. We must reach an agreement by the beginning of November.’

Mrs May’s official spokesman today said: ‘We have evolved our own position and we have set out that we want the EU to evolve theirs, how they do that is obviously a matter for them. But we have said throughout that we want these talks to be approached with imagination and with creativity.’

The approach to negotiations was blamed as ‘dogmatic’ by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab. As a limitied progress was made so far.

‘We aren’t expecting the EU to change Mr Barnier’s guidelines. But we hope the leaders will tell them to interpret them in such a way as to make a deal possible,’ a senior British official told the Financial Times.

Resigning over the plan in July, Steve Baker said that the Prime Minister would be facing a ‘massive problem’ unless she abandons her flagship policy. Before the party faithful gathers in Birmingham. He also said that there is still time for her to pursue a more conventional free trade deal that can get the support of the party.

‘We are reaching the point now where it is extremely difficult. To see how we can rescue the Conservative Party from a catastrophic split. If the Chequers proposals are carried forward,’ he said. I am gravely concerned for the future of our party. Because I recognise that the Labour opposition represents a severe danger to our security and prosperity.’

Communications director Robbie Gibb and Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell has been order by Mrs. May to sell the Chequers plan to backbench MPs at a series of dinners this week. Thursday it is expected that he convene a special meeting of the Cabinet to co-ordinate contingency plans for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.