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Romano Fenati

While at 140mph this Sunday at the San Marino GP gave some real astonishing scenes.

As he tried to grab the brakes of another rider. Riding with fellow Italian Stefano Manzi, fenati was seen in an extraordinary video where he was attempting to pull the brake lever on his rival’s right handle bar.

Though Fenati on Monday made a public apology after he was sacked by his racing team. However British MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow has called that a ban for lifetime shall be imposed on the Italian. As thankfully this shocking incident was not turn into a serious crash. Manzi Suter manage to regain his control and carry-on with the race after his bike briefly was shaken.

Crutchlow, finishing third in the main MotoGP said. ‘He should never compete on a motorcycle again. He should have walked back to the garage and his team should have just kicked him straight out the back. You can’t do this to another motorcycle racer. We are risking our lives enough.’

Monday was when Fenati’s team released a statement condemning his ‘unsporting, dangerous and damaging’ behaviour and also sacking him.

The statement read: ‘Here we are. Now we can communicate that the Marinelli Snipers Team shall terminate the contract with the rider Romano Fenati, from now on. For his unsporting, dangerous and damaging conduct for the image of all. With extreme regret, we have to note that his irresponsible act endangered the life of another rider and can’t be apologised for in any way. The rider, from this moment, will not participate in any more races with the Marinelli Snipers team.

‘The team, Marinelli Cucine, Rivacold and all the other sponsors and the people that always supported him, apologised to all the World Championship fans.’

Fenati issued his apology on the MotoGP website which said: ‘I apologise to the world of sport. This morning, with a lucid mind, I wish it had just been a bad dream, I think about and think back to those moments. I made a disgraceful gesture, I was not a man. I shouldn’t have reacted to provocation. The criticisms are correct and I understand the animosity towards me.

‘I want to apologise to everyone who believed in me and all those who felt hurt by my action. A horrible image of me and of the sport has come out. I’m not like that, people who know me well know that.’

Fenati added: ‘It’s true, unfortunately I have an impulsive character, but my intention was certainly not to hurt a rider like me, rather I wanted to make him understand that what he was doing was dangerous and how I could also have done something similar to what he did to me. ‘I do not want to justify myself, I know that my actions were not justifiable, I just want to apologise to everyone.

‘Now I will have time to reflect and clear my head.’ Fenati Said

This was not the first time when fenati face a penalty or act differently. In 2015 he was got a penalty for kicking out at Finnish rider Niklas Ajo, whose engine he also turned off at practice starts.

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