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14th August 1947, there are not enough people who can forget this date.

Whether you are a national or no it does not matter. It was the day when Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-azam) showed the world something that they were not expecting at all. To everyone’s surprise a new country came into existence known as “Pakistan” it was this day. That gave a new hope a new life and a new reason of existence for all Muslims and people of Indian Subcontinent. People who were looking forward for such a moment and gave all that they had. Let it be the finances the life or anything. They made sure they put everything on stake for this moment to come.

It has been decades that this country has come into existence. And since that day fighting for its survival and existence. Thanks to the leadership that it has got till now (apart from few). This country has only known how to sacrifice and submit. Submission of a good healthy and prosperously successful future. Education, financial state and you name it. Sufferings and sacrifices where only things citizen of this country knew. Eventually and unwillingly to survive they had to move to different countries and areas.

It was until 25th july 2018, when the citizen of Pakistan said a big ‘NO’ to everything and stood up for their rights and raise voice.

This awareness came from the cricketer turned politician Imran Khan who endlessly and vigorously worked day in day out. To give the people of Pakistan the vision and familiarize them with their rights and gave them a reason to live and see a new world. In his terms ‘Naya Pakistan’ it was this call that gave the citizens of Pakistan a new hope to live for.

Against all odds made sure that this time the victory is of Imran Khan and his Naya Pakistan for all the right reasons. Voting enthusiastically and having the urge to change their future for the better they voted his party Pakistan Tahreek-e-insaf (PTI) in the Pakistan general elections 2018. Giving him a clear path to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan or in local language ‘wazirazam Pakistan’ with all the authority to fulfil the promises he made to the public.

So if you are also a patriot and would like to show your support for Imran Khan his Naya Pakistan and prove you are also against the forces that do not want Pakistan to grow. Then you can support the cause by clicking on the below image and ordering your favourite piece. So you can wear it this 14th august 2018 and show your love and support for Pakistan.  Many options are available.

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