petanque l police investigating

The knife-wielding attacker who injured seven people on Sunday night. Was hurled by a crowd playing petenque before he was finally arrested by the police in the Capital.

Four out of the seven seriously injured. On the banks of canal in the north-east of the city. The man, who was reportedly carrying an iron bar and knife. Stabbing three people outside a cinema, although the officials said they did not believe it was linked to terrorism.

Le Parisien reported that the suspect who went on injuring other victims in the head and chest was an Afghan National.

One of the two British tourists was ‘cut in the chest’. While the other was badly hurt by ‘a stab in the head’, in the attack that happened just after 11pm (10pm BST) on Sunday. After which the knife attacker was hurled by crowd playing petanque.

A security guard at the one of the two cinemas on either side of the Canal de l’Ourcq said ‘He had an iron bar in his hand which he threw at the men chasing him, then he took out a knife’.

petanque l evidence on the street

It was an eye witness playing petanque who threw a boule at the assailant and is said to have made an attempt to foil the attack. According to a judicial source, a police investigation has also been launched for attempted murder. However they also said that there was no initial sign that the attack was linked to terrorism. ‘Nothing at this stage shows signs of a terrorist nature in these assaults,’ the source close to the inquiry said.

The victims who were rushed to nearby local hospital was described as ‘serious but not life threatening’. While the attacked is not thought to have been badly injured by the officers.

The Foreign Office said: ‘We are urgently investigating this incident and are in close contact with the French authorities.

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