Rowan Atkinson fake news l viral-a

Rowan Atkinson “fake death news”

Yet again circulating on social media. The person who made us learn many of the life lessons and always spread a smile on our faces as “Mr. Bean”. The person who star in Jhonny English¬†and Jhonny English Returns and many other succesfull movies and shows. The Educated, Well-mannered, succesful star and it can takes years to describe such a man. He again is surrounded by yet another “Fake Death News”.

It has been many times over the previous years and the lates being in March this year. However this time it is rather more interesting and powerful. As the link will show you his picture with RIP written and also a play button. To make you feel that you can watch his car crash video.

However upon opening that link a fake “computer lock” screen would pop-up and ask you to ring that number. Now under no circumstances ring that number. It will sttraigh away go to the people who are behind all this. Making you give them your card and other details in a very nicely done tricky way that you wont realise and end up loosing your precious information. Or perhaps you manage not to give the details then they might ask you to download a software and they will take care of the rest.

rowan atkinson fake news l viral-a

This story has another suprise which is that it says FOX NEWS, however that is a story NOT featured by them. It’s a FAKE NEWS. Thanks to¬†Myth debunking site Hoax Slayer who guided and stated about the link and what harm it can do.

So, if you dont want your computer to be infected by any virus. More importantly your precious information to be saved. Then no matter what DO NOT click on any link that states RIP Rowan Atkinson on your social media profiles.