Jose Mourinho

With a shaky start and some poor performance in the last couple of games. Surely Jose Mourinho has been under fire for quite some-time.

It is a complete chain of misjudgments. Not up-to the mark performances as a whole, clean sheets, conceding goals, no player transfers and much to it. That has made Manchester United come out of the TOP 5 in the English Premier League.

If it continues who knows they might be out of the TOP 10 one day. However there are players like Nemanja Matic who are as usual performing up-to the high standards expected from them. No wonder he is called one the ‘favorites’ for Mourinho.

But the question is how long can he work in the middle. As in recent games he was seen a little in need of a rest. With Herrara and others on the bench. The question is who Mourinho will be sending in the middle for the game with Bournemouth.

The penetrable defense and no one to support them from the middle line. Has been one of the main causes of Manchester United not keeping a clean sheet. As compared to last year. Not comparing them with the time period of Sir Alex Ferguson.

However this despite the slow start, being under fire and not winning games. Wayne Rooney recently said that the entire team is behind Jose Mourinho.

He said: “Obviously they are going through a difficult period at the minute but Jose Mourinho is very experienced and I think some players have to do a little bit better. Hopefully they can turn their form around, win a few more games and keep the pressure on the top of the table and get back up there, which is where we all want to see them.

“In my experience, I have never seen or heard of a player not wanting to play in the game because they have had a falling out with the manager. I don’t think as a player you could do that, you’ve got to respect the club and the fans and also respect your team-mates. I don’t think any player, certainly at Manchester United, will be not playing for Jose. I’m sure they’re all working hard behind the scenes to get results.”

Let us see how the season unfolds for the Old Trafford. However things at this point do not seem in the bag of Manchester Untied and Jose Mourinho they will have to work harder day in day out to be back on table. Where right now Manchester City is ruling with all the power.