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March 2019, the expected date for Britain’s departure from the European Union which we more commonly know as ‘BREXIT” to happen. With many UK-Based businesses showing some concern over the slow and lack of progress in the Brexit talks.

There is some recently development that might just be as welcoming as anything for those in favor of this move.

According to the unconfirmed reports there is deal that has been done between the UK and EU on post-Brexit financial services.

The pound has risen to nearly 1% against dollar as according to Times newspaper, it is said that London has agreed in negotiations with Brussels to give UK financial services firms continued access to the Bloc.

Furthermore it also said that an initial deal on exchange of data has been agreed. While the government sources mentioned a tentative deal to have reached. On all aspects of a future partnership. This deal is expected to be taken place within three weeks.

Despite various reassurances from Prime Minister Theresa May. That definite trade terms between firms in the UK and the EU will be finalized by March next year. Businesses across the board are already preparing for the worst.

Mrs May’s senior adviser on Europe, Oliver Robbins, was continuing the negotiations in Brussels, The Times said.

It was also recently seen that many protests and ripples have been created form time to time related to the Brexit Deal. While the UK government standing firm on their grounds despite all the challenges.

However one thing is sure and confirmed that everyone is preparing on their ends. To be prepared for both the worst and the good that might come out of the deal.

Nevertheless, for now the rise in the value of pound is taken in what means and ways is what matters. Let’s wait and see how the time elapses for the Brexit and UK and somewhere the EU.

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