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Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly laid out rules for STD tests in the £287,000 contact he ordered his rape accuser to sign. As his family broke their silence by showing their support for the player on social media. Launching the ‘Justice for CR7’ campaign.

After a former model turned teacher, accussed CR7 of raping her back in 2009 in a hotel suite in Vegas. Sister Katia and Mother Dolores has launched a social campaign “justice for CR7’ on Facebook and Instagram. They posted a picture of Cristiano in a superman cape with matching message.

On the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo denying the claims and referring to them as ‘fake, fake news’. However Ms Mayorga said that in 2010 she signed a £287,000 settlement with Ronaldo.

The documents, published in Der Spiegel, contained a clause stating that Ms Mayorga tested positive for a STD, Ronaldo would have to undergo a test for that disease.

However, there is no suggestion that either party needed to or took any STD tests.

It comes as Cristiano Ronaldo’s family urged fans to show their support for the player.

They wrote: ‘I want to see who has the courage to put this photo on their profile for a week and make a chain for him..for Portugal, for him, for us and for the union of our people, for justice. He deserves it.’

The cartoon-style picture of Cristiano Ronaldo carried two hashtags in Portuguese. One translates as ‘#Ronaldo, we are with you to the end’ and the other – #Justicacr7 – as ‘#Justice for CR7’, referring to his initials and shirt number.

Katia’s message had got nearly 15,000 likes in the first hour after she posted it, with one insisting: ‘I support Cristiano. This seems like a trap because there are things that don’t make sense.’

Another, a Portuguese national called Renan Soares, said: ‘United we will conquer.

Mother Sandra Isabel Tavares Goes posted a photo on her Facebook page in response to Dolores’ message. Showing her kissing a Portuguese football shirt with the number seven on it.

cristiano ronaldo viral-a

She said: ‘Together we will be stronger and Ronaldo will feel that strength. Yesterday, today and always I will be with you.’

Supporters came forward as it was revealed police are investigating three more claims by women against the athlete.

One woman claims she was raped after a party.

One says she was ‘hurt by Ronaldo’ and another says she signed a non-disclosure agreement with the footballer in 2009.

It is not clear if the last two allegations relate to sexual misconduct.

The claims were revealed by Leslie Stovall, the attorney for Ms Mayorga, who said he spoke to the woman who claims she was raped over the phone, who then told him about the other two.

Mr Stovall told The Sun that he is investigating all three claims to see if there is any merit to them.

Former Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, is facing a new US police investigation over Mayorga’s claims he raped her at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009 after inviting her to his penthouse suit.

The footballer described Ms Mayorga’s accusation as ‘fake news’ before adding in a tweet: ‘Rape is an abominable crime ha goes against everything that I am and believe in.

‘Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense.’

The original police investigation into the claims was abandoned. Ms Mayorga alleges she reached a £287,000 settlement with Ronaldo in 2010 in exchange for her silence.

Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo’s sister, regularly uses social media to leap to his defence.

She took to Facebook after a Cristiano Ronaldo statue unveiled in December 2014 in the Madeiran capital Funchal. Was vandalized in January 2016 and branded those responsible ‘savages.’

She said: ‘I find the act in itself a dishonor but what I find more shameful is the envy that surrounds him and the rage that some unloved and frustrated fatheads display in public in a disgraceful way which leaves me as a Portuguese person ashamed and sad.’

Dubbing the vandals ‘frustrated savages’ and saying they deserved to be sent to Syria in an attack in which she appeared at times to be overwhelmed by her own anger, she added: ‘Sadly my beautiful island is still inhabited by some frustrated savages who should live in Syria amidst people who don’t respect each other and who don’t know how to live together.

‘Please forgive me those who are suffering because of war but I think people are badly distributed.

‘There are still envious people on this planet who can’t accept the success of others, mediocre people who don’t do our world any good.’

Let us wait and see what the time unfolds for Cristiano Ronaldo and his future. However for now there is a mix reaction on social media for the star.

cristiano ronaldo viral-a