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This summer is surely coming with its best foot forward. After the scorching Sun and now it’s the hosepipe ban.

Britons were already not in a good position to deal with the sunshine and heat this summer. When they got hit by another news that there will be late or little rain until at least august. That was not it till the United Utilities put a ban on the usage of a hosepipe. In more simpler words a ban on wasting water.

This initiative by United Utilities is going to hit Seven (7) billion Britons and is first in almost six years. Back in 2012 in the North-West of England the ban was implemented, when around 20 million customers were hit by it.

People using the hosepipe or any other medium to wash their cars, water their gardens, clean windows. The list goes on in a summary wasting water or using it more than needed. Will be facing criminal prosecution and that’s not all.

Fines of up-to £1,000 can also be charged as part of the Hosepipe Ban.

The reason being very simple that a hosepipe uses around 540 litres an hour. Which is as much water consumption of a four membered family in a complete day.

“Despite some rainfall, reservoir levels are still lower than we would expect and, with forecasters predicting hot, dry weather for the rest of July, we are now at a point where we will need to impose some temporary restrictions. It is not a decision we have taken lightly and we are enormously grateful to customers for having helped reduce demand.” Says Martin Padley from United Utilities.

This ban shall be in effect from August 5th for domestic customers in North-West. However the areas of Carlisle and The North Eden Valley are not in the areas having the ban in effect. As their supplies are yet holding up as said by Martin Padley.

You cannot fill a pond or paddling pool that is also part of the hosepipe ban.

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However last night, none of the other water companies admitted to be forcing such a ban on their clients. In fact Thames and Severn Trent they had no such plans to put the ban. Where Anglian insisted that the reservoir levels were ‘good or above average’.

Martin Lunn from Northumbrian water said: “Our water resources remain healthy for this time of year and despite the increase in demand we are not seeking to implement a hosepipe ban for our supply area”.

However, urging their three million customers to use water wisely and Welsh Water said: ‘We have taken and will continue to take all the necessary actions to ensure there is enough water in our network during this very dry period”.

Northern Ireland came across the same ban earlier this month. However the different thing is that anyone found breaking the ban would be given a warning and could be prosecuted under the Water Industry Act of 1991.