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This goes back to the time when once I got pampered with all the style and luxury.

I was reading a fashion magazine and on the cover of the magazine there was a picture of my friend who is now a famous actress and model. In the picture, my friend was getting out of an Executive Chauffeur Manchester on a red carpet probably giving the idea of red carpet event of some awards show. I smiled at the creativity of the cameraman as it looks like a pure candid picture doesn’t seem like an actual photoshoot.

I was thinking about my friend and at the very moment, my phone rang. Coming to my surprise was to see my friend’s number over it. I picked up the phone and told her I was thinking of her creativity and smiling. To which she asked me what I meant by it and I told her about the story of her picture she laughed and said she called me to ask something very important. I asked what it is?. She said that she is going to a famous award show.

Which I see every year and I am quite fond of it. I thought that it will be at the end of May. She told me that she will go to attend that show but she will look stupid going to it alone. I said I am not following what she is trying to say on which she said that she wanted me to come along with her.

I got a surprise by her offer but said that I can’t come as I am not a celebrity. Moreover, I don’t know how to respond to such events.

I don’t want to embarrass you. She gets angry at that and scolds me that nothing would happen. I must come along with her no matter what. I started to protest at which she said that she is sending Executive Chauffeur Manchester tomorrow and I had to go with her for shopping. I had no pretty dress for such a formal event. She informed me that and hung up without listening to my reply.

I was startled. First by the idea of going to such a formal and star-studded event.

For the remaining day, I kept thinking about it and kept getting excited. Next day I woke up with the sound of a horn as I watched down from my balcony my mouth fell open. It was my friend outside my house sitting in a black Mercedes and waving at me. A tuxedo-wearing chauffeur driver was standing beside it. After gaining my senses again I ran to get dressed to go shopping. That too with my dearest friend in a chauffeur service Manchester after a couple of minutes. I went downstairs towards the Manchester chauffeur car.

There I was greeted good morning by the chauffeur driver I greet him back and get seated in the car. Hugged my friend and thanked her first for the invite then for this special treatment. She told me to stop saying thanks as it’s her normal routine and she uses Executive Chauffeur Manchester on regular basis as well. She asked the driver of chauffeur service Manchester to take them to a famous shopping Centre. We shop there for a couple of hours until I found the type of dress I was looking for. It was in black colour my favourite and at reasonable rates as well. Then we went to buy matching pumps with it.

After that, I said I am finally ready to make my debut appearance at the awards show red carpet. It goes without saying how well the award show went and how much I would have enjoyed. Seeing the people I always see on bigger screen in real was a dream come true.