Wedding chauffeur service

The wedding day is surely considered one of the big days in an individual’s life.

However, if you are someone who has to do all the arrangements (well most of them) as you are the only child. More importantly, because you are very careful and not easy to persuade when selecting thing. Everything needs to be perfect and the best. Which is why 2 days for my main wedding day and I still could not manage to book. My wedding car hires or because I am from Manchester so a wedding chauffeur service in Manchester to be more specific.

It clearly does not mean that I have never tried any taxi or chauffeur service Manchester before. In fact, I loved the Manchester airport chauffeur when I used it the first time a few years back. It is since then I loved it and became a loyal customer of that company. However, they do not do the wedding chauffeur service Manchester or else why would be looking around.

OMG I can’t decide a simple chauffeur service Manchester Company for my wedding

I was looking for various options and asking for help but was not getting any positive response. Until the same company called me and recommend me a company who does provide such a service. Because I was on good terms so I without any hesitation straight away asked they are familiar with my choices and what I want. To which the manager had a laugh and said that’s the exact reason it took time to decide and recommend me this company.

Without further delay, I went to their office and did all the needful. The fleet they showed me and the way I was dealt. By the looks of it seemed that they are professionals and know how to treat customers and provide top-notch services to them.  However, I was not keeping my hopes up until I see how well I get the protocol and services.

The Big day is here

All other arrangements were done and finally, the day came. To my amazement, the wedding chauffeur service that I recently booked was here 10 minutes before the expected arrival time. It was a Mercedes S class and nicely decorated not clumsy or too much. Very elegant and simple it was a red and white combination. It looked much more appealing than my brother dressed in his new tuxedo. I guess I am just exaggerating but it really did look amazing.

A uniformed chauffeur welcomed me and congratulated me which was a nice gesture. I and my family got ready and we got seated in that Mercedes S class while the rest of the people in other cars. Though I am a constant user of the luxurious cars and I also own BMW and Mercedes. But the one I was seating in did not seem of the same brand. It was a perfect car and when I use the word perfect I actually mean it. Let it be the interior, the smell, the cleanliness, the facilities and I can go on and on about the goods of it.

An entertaining driver is surely a blessing

The driver was very entertaining and humble, not leaving the hands of professionalism either. It was almost 30 minutes’ drive to the destination. But because the driver was a local so he planned a route which was very clean and not having a lot of traffic. To make sure all the cars arrive together. The best part he made us reach within 20 minutes without any sort of concern.

It was a remarkable and remembering drive for sure and definitely a recommending for wedding chauffeur service Manchester if your big day is also around the corner. Upon reaching there we were welcomed like a groom should be. Doing all the rituals and a glorious event we finally came back to our house. Starting a new beginning of my life with all the wishes and blessing I received for my loved ones.