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Manchester airport chauffeur if I be honest I had a wonderful experience. I needed to travel on a short notice from my boss.

There was a meeting scheduled on the 11th hour with our client in Manchester. Because my boss was not able to meet them it was me who had to go. We booked our tickets and reached Manchester. However next came the real serious trouble.

I reach the airport and because I was new in Manchester. I have no clue how to reach my destination on time for the meeting. Thanks to our admin coordinator he did not do any booking of a chauffeur Manchester or any other medium of transportation. The best part he was not attending my call either for some reason and I was left with only 30 minutes. No doubt I was in a panic situation.

Luckily I managed to call one of my friends who is a local resident and he helped me in booking a Manchester airport chauffeur to reach my destination. To my surprise within the next 5 minutes a well maintained BMW was standing in front of me. To my anticipation I asked the driver how was it possible to which he said that the person who booked it gave a special request for early and emergency travel need.

We sat inside and because he was also a local resident, he knew all the cut through and skipped all the traffic. Making me arrive at my destination in 10 minutes which normally takes 20. Without saying I thanked him and since that day I recommend this chauffeur service Manchester to everyone in my circle. And also if I find someone who needs some travelling advice in Manchester. The meeting went well and we closed the deal in a successful manner. Benefiting our company for long run ultimately.