We have been planning this trip since the past year or so and were very excited and eager as the days were coming near to us. We wanted Manchester to be our first stop from here for the many famous reasons and after that London. After which we will leave for United States. It was like a grand tour and very rightly as we were waiting for a year to make it happen. However, we were facing a trouble of hiring the best Manchester airport taxi transfers as we were around 12 in number and had luggage as-well. For which reason our friend was recommending to hire a 16 seater minibus taxi which will be more economical and also a relief.


His suggestion was making a good point as there is no use to hire two or three different Manchester airport taxis and travelling separately. I mean after all we were going to have fun and enjoy rather than be separate half of the time in our journey. So without wasting or discussing any further as we had few days left and it is always recommended to hire an airport taxi Manchester prior due to the amount of travelers booking them. So, we went onto a few websites for different companies providing a minibus taxi and shortlisted 3 of them.

Because we didn’t wanted to risk anything we had a detailed search of these shortlisted minibus taxi firms.

We went onto search there testimonials of existing customers, we compared different price quotes of different routes. Checked for their fleet and drivers in short there was nothing left that we didn’t went through and checked them in all possible manners.

Finally we were left with one airport taxi Manchester firm that was specialized for a 16 seater minibus taxi so we called their booking desk. They had an option of online booking and would take less then few seconds. Nevertheless, we wanted to do it on voice so we called them up. The customer representative was very helpful and helped us in booking the best possible option.

We received all the booking confirmation and details of our meet and greet Manchester service through emails. We were trying this meet and greet Manchester service upon the recommendation of that representative who was speaking very highly of it. So, we thought to give it a try.

Finally, our flight date came and now there was nothing standing between us and the enjoyment.

Upon reaching to Manchester and clearing all the necessary requirements. When we reached outside the arrivals there was standing a nicely uniformed chauffeur who had our name plate. We went up to him he greeted us in the nicest manner welcomed us gave a bouquet and asked us politely to follow him till the gate where the car was waiting for them. When we went up to the car for a minute we were thinking did we hire a minibus taxi or a luxury car hire Manchester because this car was a Mercedes and looked as if it came straight from the showroom.

Anyways we got our luggage inside again the chauffeur helped us a lot and we got seated. We knew we did the right thing and now it’s only us and the enjoyment. We asked him to take us to our hotel and after that we would decide what to do next.

Agreeing to us he did that and took us to our hotel where we changed and as per our pre-planned tour we took out our diary and started to see where to head first. This was just the starting of our amazing trip and there was much more to it. Which we will be sharing in our next part.