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From a quick boarding to a relaxing take-off and happy landing whether you are a frequent traveller, or whether you are a ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ traveller. Everyone deserves to have a relaxing airport and travel experience, where they enjoy each and every moment and not worrying for anything.

Whether it is the meet and greet manchester service that they have booked. Whether it is the luxurious room in a well-known hotel or perhaps just getting worried as to how the business meeting will turn out to be.

This is the reason why today we will be sharing some of the major travel tips to make sure you have a better airport experience even if the flights are delayed.

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Tip #1: Parking

Now of the most common and widely faced issue has to the airport parking. This is the reason why there are many companies offering the parking services while others a valet within the airport. If you happen to consider the fact of using your own vehicle then it is advisable to drop the idea unless you feel it’s your lucky day and you will find a good parking spot.

However, if you are travelling for a couple of days then it is a not recommended option even if you are feeling lucky.

In that case hiring a taxi to manchester airport  where you can take the services of a manchester airport taxi company for a better airport experience you need to try todaympany once and that’s all unless you have hired it for a round trip is recommended.

There are many such chauffeur service providing companies that you can look into and book one as per you needs and budget.

Tip #2: Luggage

Reaching at the airport ahead your flight time is always recommended and it varies from the nature of flight (domestic or international) the timings are advised when booking and purchasing your tickets. Also, it is recommended to have a cardigan or something similar within your hands reach so incase if you have to wait at the lounge and feel cold. Or when in the flight it can help you rather than closing the vent which helps you relax and keep many unwanted things away from you such as bacteria, congestion of air etc.

Incase if you have pets travelling with you then you are advised to have something similar for them also, to make them feel comfortable and calm during the flight.

Lastly, because there are many cities of the world where you can find more than one airport, you should always have the correct details. To avoid all sorts of disappointments, wondering and panics especially if you are travelling to that city for the first time, and vice versa.

Tip #3: Waiting

The reason for writing the word waiting is simply because it covers a lot of aspects. That can be a delay in the flight and you have to wait in the airport lounge or the queues etc.

So, you are recommended to have your medication with you along with other needful items that help you stay comfortable in such situations (i-e) travelling kits, travel-neck pillows and other related items.

In-case there is a little delay because of too many people on the airplane waiting to go out, or any other technical / non-technical reason. You should have water with you to have a sip every now and then to avoid all the problems of low-air, atmosphere etc. Or maybe a moisturizer to help your skin feel relaxed and not sweat.

Tip #4: TSA Checks

Now the first question you must be thinking is what exactly is that? It stands of Transportation, Security, Administration Agents.

To further break it down and make it understandable then those people who you find scanning and checking your luggage, in cargos, at the queues and boarding areas and the list continues; so in a shorter term the TSA agents.

Coming back to the main point which was that have a smile and thankful attitude when dealing with them. Remember there are many grumpy, sad, thoughtful, entertaining people they have seen already that day and since they have been employed.

So, try and put yourself in the right and preferred category list of people and not the grumpy, full of attitude kind of people. This will help you avoid or make it easier in many other checks also. Similarly, it is advisable to wear socks so, when you have to take your shoes of (certain countries airport checks) then you don’t have to walk bare foot and avoid all those contamination, bacteria and what not getting attached to your feet.

Tip #5: Etiquettes

Talking about etiquettes would include some basic principles that we are taught since our young days in schools, at homes and among our members of the family, friends and society. So, if we talk more specifically the about bathroom etiquettes tips (keeping aside the hygienic and basic principles away). It is often seen that people visit the toilets in an airplane with their socks on.

The logic they use is that we are not barefoot. However, they do not think of this the other way round i-e the floor can be damp, sticky and God knows what the people before you have done on it or how perfectly clean it is. As it is not being cleaned after every single visit, I can explain it further but that would just be “ew”.

So, make sure the next time you visit the restroom ‘toilets in an airplane’ you are wearing your shoes. Once you are done with all the needful and taking care of hygiene afterwards like washing hands. You should use the towel, tissue, cloth anything to turn that door-nob and open the door. Again, simple reason you are not sure with what hands it has been opened before.

Tip #6: Flight

It is advised to wear dark color clothing in order to avoid the hassle of cleaning, ruining your beautiful dress, getting cramped lines etc. Simply because there are many cases when accidentally there is a spill of drink or food etc when you are mid-air. Reason can be many from flight turbulence to a foot slip after-all there isn’t much space on an airplane like a park has.

There are many other hacks as to when and how to book your tickets to avoid extra charges and other concerns, which you can easily find over the internet.


The one point tip to summarize everything, you are booking your trip to enjoy and have fun so stop thinking a lot and just live the moments. Also, try the famous things of the cities that you are visiting on your trip, whether it is a place, a monument their food, cultures, festive and even if it’s their transport they are famous for.

Above mentioned are some of the tips that can help you have a better airport experience you can make your personal checklist of the things, tips and tricks yourself also. Or you can also take the help of the internet. Where there are endless hacks available all you need to be careful with is which ones to choose and how to use them to benefit your trip and not the other way round.

Good Luck and enjoy your holidays.