range rover

Hundreds of thousands of pounds bran new Jaguar and Range Rover had their roofs TORN OFF after a transporter carrying them smashes into a bridge.

At 8:30 am this blunder took place when the transporting lorry towing these brand new luxury 4x4s ploughed into a railway bridge in Perthshire. 4 Range Rovers including the latest Velar worth £44,250 was among the smashed cars as the picture shows.

Gareth Ruddock, 40, saw the accident and said: ‘I was just there dropping my wife off at the station and I did a double take.

‘There are some open-topped cars now. Some of them still had their plastic on; they must have been getting delivered. I just saw the aftermath. The police were there brushing up the bits and pieces which had broken off. The driver was there looking a bit unhappy, nobody was hurt but it wasn’t a good day for that fella.

Police Scotland said they attended the crash in Marshall Place, Perth shortly after 8am.

They confirmed no-one is injured and said the road was cleared by 9am.

That surely was a costly hit, let us see what unfolds in the later days for now the latest is hundreds of thousands of pounds have been wasted.

Jaguar and Range Rover cars had their roof blown-off near the perth railway station.