Rafael Nadal playing with class and professionalism. This time he focuses to acheive what he has prepared for.

It surely is something to WATCH out for. Like the Spanish flag this £5,50,000 watch is red and yellow in colour. If in-case you are thinking that’s the only surprising element. Well how about if you get to know that this watch can withstand shocks of up to 10,000 Gs of force.

The next thing that comes to mind is who exactly made this time piece. Well the answer to that is, that this master piece is produced by Richard Mille. This luxury watch is RM27-03. One of the last amazing fact about this is that despite having so many heavy titles. It weighs only 20 grams.

Rafael Nadal wore this watch for his first Wimbledon 2018 match against Israel’s Dudi Sela which he eased through like it is expected of him.

However when his words were taken regarding the recent knockout of his national team from the World Cup 2018. He said ‘It is probably sad to say, but if we are not there it is because we didn’t do things well enough to be there. In sport, in the highest level of sport, when you play well, even playing very well you can lose, without playing well the chances of winning are less. In that case, yeah, it was not the best match for us.”

He also added ‘It’s great to be out here at Wimbledon. I’m happy to be through. There’s still room to improve but after a while without playing on grass it’s very important to start with a straight victory. I think I went to the net a couple of times and when I had a chance on my forehand I think I took advantage. It’s the first round and not easy. It’s never easy but especially here on grass without playing a match before’. 

He surely is a world class athlete and we truly wish him all the very best in all possible manner. Along with that to all the other participants as well who are competing in Wimbledon 2018. To bring glory to their respective countries in sport of tennis.