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British Airways

Signs a commitment at Farnborough International Airshow with Boeing.

The largest international carrier in the UK, part of the International Airlines Group and one of the leading global premium airlines. British Airways who has a fleet of more than 280 aircraft. Flying to more than 200 destinations in 75 countries across the globe. Having its home base at one of the world’s busiest airports the London Heathrow.

At the 2018, Farnborough International Airshow British Airlines and Boeing have announced a commitment for three 777-300ER (extended range) airplanes. This commitment of the 777s is on an operating lease with a leasing company.

Senior vice president of commercial sales and marketing for the Boeing Company. Mr. Ihssane Mounir, said “We are delighted that British Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines, has again chosen the Boeing 777 for its long-haul fleet. This agreement is a testament to the enduring value of the 777, its superior range, outstanding efficiency and popularity among passengers”.

British Airways flies twenty-eight (28) 787 Dreamliner, and more than thirty (30) 747-400s. Also being the largest operators of the long-range jet, operating fifty-eight (58) 777-200ER and 777-300ER airplanes across its global network.

Having said that let is bring in your reading few fun facts of this airlines that will surely make you feel proud and amazed at the same time.

In the year of 1919, British Airways carried only one passenger.

The plane took off from Hounslow-heath. However it is since that time it never looked back and is now the largest airline based on fleet size. Or the second largest behind EasyJet when measured by passengers carried.

This same Arline now serves 35 million of tea cups. To more than 40 million cups every year, who started with just one passenger.

The British Airways i360 tower is being constructed on the seafront of Brighton and is 162-meter (531ft) high. Holding the world record of the world’s most slender tower by the Guinness World Records.

We can go on and on about the facts and figures. But for now what’s more welcoming and latest update is. That more Boeing aircrafts are joining the British Airways fleet. Surely they are going towards making it big again.

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