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The development of new NATO training mission in Baghdad is taking place this year.

Starting this fall of the year 2018 it is stated that up-to 250 Canadian Armed Forces personnel shall be deployed for one year. The deployment will take place in Baghdad and the surrounding vicinity. Canada will assume the command of a new NATO training mission in Iraq says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The announcement was made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this morning at the NATO summit in Brussels. This deployment will be including up-to four Griffon helicopters in order to support the NATO activities.

NATO is keen to demonstrate at the summit in Brussels that is plays an important role for fighting against terrorism. Not only that but also that they remain capable of confronting an aggressive Russia. This entire situation happened when American President Donald Trump before leaving from America said that the allies are failing to respect their defence spending pledges.

It is Canada who is spending well below the 2-percent target of defence this year. The projection is to spend just over 1.2-percent of gross domestic product. To ensure that the Islamic State’s group can’t gain a new foothold there and also help Iraq rebuild. A 29-member alliance team has been made for this mission.

“We have to build that democracy and strengthen it. Those sorts of tangible elements are at the heart of what NATO stands for,” he said.

“You can try and be a bean counter and look at exactly how much this and how much money that, but the fundamental question is: is what you’re doing actually making a difference?”. He said this at a German Marshall Fund event.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May this Wednesday announced that they will provide 440 more personnel to NATO. Who already has a strong military training effort of around 16,000 in Afghanistan. “I think that shows when NATO calls, the U.K. is one of the first to step up,”. Theresa May said to the reporters.