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As a frequent traveler there is hardly any Manchester airport taxi transfer company that I may have missed. As I have been travelling for the past many years, at times it was due to my corporate reasons and at times my personal vacations. But the use of an airport taxi was a must for me in either reason.

However this one time upon my brother’s recommendation I had to give a try to this new airport minibus taxi company that he recently tried. I agreed to that as this time I had a few clients that I needed to travel from Manchester airport to Birmingham office with them.

The meeting was scheduled in that office and also they had a couple of equipment that needed to go with us.

So, hiring a luxury chauffeur service was not a feasible and recommended option. Moreover, they also agreed and requested for something like a minibus taxi service as they once used such service in Manchester with another client.

As my brother recently traveled with this company and was speaking highly of it. So, I straight away called-up the company and booked a 16 seater minibus hire prior to their arrival. Also did a little more needful arrangements and preparations for the meeting. Which was a much needed break for our company in terms of finances.

They had a long flight so it was obvious that they were somewhat tired. However they tried their best not to show it and affect anything.

The minibus taxi was well informed with the flight schedule. Though the flight was an hour early they were already present on the arrival sections. Which was pretty impressive as I am a frequent traveler myself. But such punctuality and professionalism was not seen enough in recent times. Many airport taxi to Manchester and from there to many cities across UK. Let it be the near ones or distant like from Manchester to Chester to Liverpool or Lake District.

Do provide such services but there was something better and different about this specific airport taxi company.

The chauffeur also seemed very passionate and professional by looks; however I was not confirming any thoughts till I experience it in real. Welcoming the guests and getting their luggage place inside the 16 seater minibus hire Mercedes car and getting on the road was what everyone was happy to do.

As soon as they got seated and stretched their legs straight away got in a relaxing position and thanked me for booking this. The route from Manchester to Birmingham was long so we had a few stop overs to relax and have a comfortable ride. As the meeting was going to be long and they already had a long strenuous flight.

The journey was long, but everyone was not getting tired. As it was pretty comfortable and relaxing journey, something which was a reliever for me.

The driver was a true professional and well experienced, have not seen such a driver in a long time. Talking and enjoying we did not realize that we have reached our destination.

The meeting went pretty well and we successfully closed the deal, after which there was a small private party at one of owner’s residence in honor of the clients and a successful business deal. Which was the start of a new business horizon for both the parties; it was this deal that we knew will be the start of a new business venture.

Manchester indeed a place that has all the business potential and a hub for many successful business stories. We not being any different or at least hoping to be part of such rich business success ventures in history.