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Parent company acquires Frontity CMS Companyless. , Akismet and others have acquired Frontity, a headless WordPress framework. The announcement says the acquisition will directly benefit the open-source WordPress CMS and will further focus on full site editing using Gutenberg blocks. ; CMS & # 41; is a publishing approach that uses a CMS like WordPress to create and manage content (this is the back end) and the React front end for what the user sees (this is the front end, the header).

Separating WordPress frontend functionality to use the only WordPress to manage content, not the website frontend (header) that users see, is called Headless CMS. The CMS, in this case, WordPress, is used only as a back-end to create and manage content. Using a standalone CMS offers speed and SEO benefits.

Headless CMS also allows publishers to easily publish content across various channels such as social media, IoT, etc. Frontity Frontity is an open-source framework that makes it easy to use WordPress as a standalone CMS. What Frontity does is make it easy to incorporate a zero-input site architecture into the WordPress environment so that publishers can take advantage of speed without worrying about coding issues at the time that Automattic sponsored Frontity’s work on the WordPress core.

It will focus on WordPress core and Gutenberg. This step does not mean that the React framework will be pushed into the core of WordPress. continue as an open-source project.

What’s cool about Frontity and Automatticlo, what’s really important about this announcement is that the JavaScript technical resources dedicated to building Frontity will now focus on the WordPress core specifically to help improve the entire website editing experience through Gutenberg blocks.

Modernize your website creation to make it easier for everyone to create websites. Gutenberg replaces the traditional coding-focused WordPress interface with an easy-to-use visual editor that uses an intuitive block model to build websites.

The WordPress privacy group on Facebook is active. This announcement is great news for the entire WordPress publishing community. This means that more high-level technicians will devote themselves to developing the core WordPress CMS and help accelerate the growth of Gutenberg’s content editor.