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The American government is ready to approve “THE LICENSES” for companies who wish to trade / sell components with Huawei as per a US ‘anonymous’ official who wanted to stay that way.

Confirmation from the sources to the REUTERS states that the process could take anywhere between two to four weeks. This would signal the first notale ease of sanctions since the company was put into the Entity List in May.

Those companies who wish to trade with the Chinese tech giants would be given ‘special licenses’ to operate as it was told in the last week’s news that the US Commerce Department would be doing this. All this happened when President Donald J. Trump announced that those companies who wish to do this venture with Huawei would be allowed to continue their businesses at the G-20 Summit in June.

However, even though it seems that everything is coming to normal grounds, there still lies many doubts and questions that needs an answer. Above all such question is the question that on what terms and requirements would these licenses be issued on. One such key requirement is that the components are readily available across the markets and more importantly do not pose a threat to the national security.

As per the Huawei representatives, they stated that rather than these special licenses and requirements it is much better if the government simply removes them from the Entity List. Because there has been no concrete evidence or prove that the Huawei products are in any way a threat to the US security.

Nevertheless, things seem to be coming back to normal and many are hopefully they will get better and better with the coming time. Huawei products undoubtedly holds a great share of the marketing and users one way or the other are hoping and praying for the tech giants.