I am a native to Liverpool and was studying in Manchester.

The reason behind it was the course of my study and plus the final year project topic that I picked. In these years one of the major issues that I always used to face was the traffic in Manchester. Apart from that, it is surely one of the greatest cities to live, study does business or simply come for vacations. This was the same reason that I used to face when traveling back home. For which we always had to use another medium of transportation. Which always one way or the other made us question why we opted for this form of travel and the company. However a few weeks back we used a 12 seater minibus hire. It was a Minibus Hire Manchester.

Because was were 10 in number and we could not use any normal taxi service and had our little luggage as well. As we cannot fit in one car and hiring several cars was not possible due to our budget. So, one of our group members recommended to use this meet and greet Manchester 12 seater minibus hire as our transport medium. It goes without saying we did not agree at the very moment until we were satisfied. So, we logged in to the website of the nearby executive chauffeur Manchester that provided 12 seater minibus hire more importantly at affordable rates.

Soon we came across one such chauffeur companies Manchester website and after exploring we found what we were looking for. They were in this service providing line for quite some-time now and the testimonials and recommendations that their satisfied customers left was making our choice for choosing this company more confirm. The cars that they had in their fleet was very impressive. And plus the fact that they were pretty open about their charges and service made us feel more secure. That we are making the right decision.

Finally, one of our friends called the meet and greet Manchester company and asked to book a 12 seater minibus hire for our tour.

The day of our tour finally came and used the luxurious service and it is in no doubt to say if it wasn’t for this minibus hire Manchester we would not have had so much fun. Simply because it was a long way and if someone is tired due to the journey they cannot enjoy fully.

The best part that it was entirely in our budget.

This was the service which I could never forget and the reason why when I was traveling this time to my home town I wanted to use this service. However, I was not sure if that can be possible as normally such services have their own protocols to follow. Somehow I managed and called the same meet and greet Manchester service to hire minibus Manchester to Liverpool. While booking my executive minibus hire Manchester I made a request for some extra luggage space. To which, the representative was kind enough to agree and arrange. We were 5 in number, however, the luggage seemed to be of 10 people which is why we ask for luggage space.

As per our booking the Minibus Hire Manchester came and we were all set to travel. There seemed to a nice gentleman dressed in his uniform greeting us. It was a long journey but we were not thinking about it. As we knew we already made the right decision of hiring. The best meet and greet Manchester 12 seater minibus hire and would have all the comfortable and joyous ride. Which proved to be right.