word of mouth marketing

As famously said by the renowned author Claudia Osmond about the power of word of mouth marketing that:

“They say 90% of the promotion of a book comes through word of mouth. But you’ve somehow got to get your book into the hands of those mouths first!”

word of mouth marketing

It won’t be wrong to state that this form of marketing is the oldest and has been in practice for ages. Every century it had its own meaning and way, until recent history when it was officially given this title and recognition. In today’s digital world people may argue about its worth and use, but they cannot completely ignore it as it still exists and can prove to be beneficial or harming for a brand. As a matter of fact many brands are still relying on this method (not purely, but it is an important part of the overall marketing tactics).

So, what exactly is this word of mouth marketing and how can it affect a brand.

1. Introduction of trust among the buyers:

“Word of mouth will never go out of style. It is, and will remain, the #1 way people make choices about brands.”-Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner the chief content officer of the 60 Second Marketer clearly portrays the importance and ability to influence a buyer’s decision by using such a marketing tactic.

It is commonly seen at times that shoppers are likely to do a purchase or visit a shop if they have the recommendation from their fellows, their family members.

2. Overcomes the problem of DNC

Do Not Call (DNC) has millions of buyers listed for one simple reason; to avoid unwanted calls from marketing teams. This is another opening for word of mouth marketing as traditional while social networking and referral programs as part of the digital media marketing campaigns / tactics.

3. Customer loyalty booster:

It is commonly seen that when someone comes to a brand from a referral of someone known or unknown tends to stay loyal to that brand for a longer duration. As compared to the one getting influenced and referred by other forms of marketing. Without a doubt the creation of a new customer base is often tough and effort taking as compared to sustaining and taking care of the existing clientele.

Without a doubt word of mouth marketing is an important and must be added to your overall marketing tactics list. However, one thing on which every strategy is dependent has to be the quality of your products and services. It is this unique selling point and customer service that can drift not only your potential customers but might attract many more for the better ultimately benefiting your profits and sales. Not to mention the use and importance of smartphones and social networking. Which has helped and boosted word of mouth marketing to a large extent but in a more modern terminology and methods.

This marketing methods has indeed all the potential to be the game changer for any brand’s growth. It all depends on the way and methods used for this strategy.

So, now that we have an idea of how much it can be effective and useful why not start your planning and execution of the marketing strategy to benefit your organization short and long term goals.

Word of mouth marketing has its own benefits and the strategy can vary from organization to organization, but the importance cannot be denied. We have covered few of the points to start with your brainstorming, why not start to make one for your organization and see how it can be implemented and helped to increase your sales and profits.

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