leno mirage solo

The VR headset

Yes we all heard it correct just because the VR industry is not hiding the old school and traditional mediums of entertainment. Such as the television or the gaming consoles. It cannot be said under any conditions that it is not growing to its potential or serving to take over anytime soon. One such example is the HTC and Oculus who made their very popular high-end VR headsets very much accessible to everyone. Simply by dropping their prices as if it was a landslide in the mountains.
Not discussing the giants of this industry like Samsung and Google would be not a good idea. As they also have provided their loyal and new customers a low on budget phone powered VR headsets. It is this accessibility that has led the companies to think of innovation and coming up with something more value for money but also serving most of the needs. One such example is given to the word by one of the other giants the Microsoft. They have made available a VR headset which require no external connections. Let it be the sensors or other devices for it to function.

Having given a brief glimpse of this industry and the developments. We now are going to let you know about a VR headset that will surely give you butterflies. It is one of its kind and the first ever such VR product. This product is designed by Lenovo and will work on the Google’s Daydream VR Platform. Just like a high-end desktop VR kit, this daydream headset. The Mirage Solo would use sensors that will not limit your movement. Meaning you can move about in any way as you please while enjoying the high-end VR headset experience.

If you think this is all then think over it.

As Lenovo has not stopped here, they have also announced the arrival of Mirage Camera. Yes, you heard it it is coming meaning now we can easily record a 360-degree, stereoscopic VR Content. As per B&H listing these products were due on May 11. However Lenovo and Google knows that we cannot wait so we just be in for a surprise. As they are launching it ahead of its expected date by us.

So, what is it that we are waiting for let’s get our Mirage Camera and VR headset ordered today and experience the world like never before. An experience and investment surely worth in all of its kind and benefits.

Lenovo Mirage Camera