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It surely is one of the biggest deal in E-commerce.

NEW DELHI! A controlling stake it Flipkart is finally given to the giants Walmart. This news was confirmed by none other then the CEO Softbank Masayoshi Son, who also happens to own a 20 percent stake in Flipkart. “Last night, (they) reached a final agreement and it was decided that Flipkart will be sold to America’s Walmart,” said Masayoshi Son.

Soft Bank hold 20 percent stake worth is about $4 billion in the deal.

Making it the largest investor in Flipkart. This deal is one of the biggest in the e-commerce space and without a doubt is going to shake things up in the market. This deal will have everyone the consumers and the businesses and more importantly the competitors talking. In-fact to an extent getting the effects as well. It’s only a matter of time when we realise for who it was in positive or vice versa.

One thing is for sure that now the competitors in India for Flipkart, The Amazon are going to have a serious tough competition. Now that Walmart has taken over. Similarly the employment ratio will increase as there tends to be more jobs available in India. Revolutionize the Indian retail market with their huge first-world economy experience. Not forgetting the vast variety of products by the one of the industry giants the Walmart is surely going to be part of their plan. Let us see how the Amazon will act and compete.

Only time will tell if all the predictions and analyses will be right or not. For now we can only wait and see how the Amazon is going to present. Their strategy and compete the rivals Walmart. As once there was a news that Amazon were having an interest to buy 60 percent shares. However the owners of Flipkart preferred Walmart.

Let’s see how this multi-billion dollar deal by Walmart benefits the users and gives a run for the money to their competitors in the Indian market.