The Friends Reunion

The release of one of the most anticipated TV shows in history brought fans from all over the world to Friendzy. The American comedy film tells a group of New Yorkers between the ages of 20 and 30 and ends in 2004 after 10 seasons. The six main actors will get together to discuss their time in the show. It’s really strange that in recent years, reporters are generally prohibited from asking questions to friends when interviewing the first few stars of the show.

Celebrity short films and interviews were organized into a one-hour and 39-minute meeting, which was released to the media on Wednesday. So far, the response to the special show has been basically positive, although many critics pointed out that certain elements of the show performed better than others.

For example, “a remanufactured romantic show that contains too many guest stars and workarounds”, but adds, “If you just let the legendary group of six talks to each other, you are in the sweet spot of nostalgia. You can be in the UK Used and will be aired on Sky One at 1:00 PM (CET) on Thursday, the following are the top 10.

1. Everything Seems To Be Smaller

At the opening of the special program, David Schwimmer arrived at Warner Bros Studios to visit the converted group of friends, including two main apartments and cafeterias, Central Perk (Central Perk). ), followed by other actors, most of whom were “what I think” were enthusiastic throughout the stage,” Matt LeBlanc said. However, this is impossible because we are not yet mature. He Says: “Your speech is very good. For a week, keep writing it on the table. When you are not watching, I deleted it. And… you are very angry with me! “Cox laughed at it now and recalled: “He had a lot of hidden conversations in those neighbourhoods.

friends reunion
Friends Reunion Special – Opening

2. The Actor Does Not Remember Certain Plots.

Matthew Perry has already said that he doesn’t remember staying in Friends for three full days. Years, but it turns out that he is not the only one. “In the fifth season of the prom, this group played in the trap for a few hours, Schwimmer admitted, “I don’t remember,” it looks really confused. . “Some seasons of the year I never see.” Kudrow later confessed, “Michelle [Stern, her husband] and I started to see part of the fourth season that I thought I saw. He was better than me. I like it better because I am not happy with myself. Perry is no longer on the show, Schwimmer said: “It was only 17 years since my daughter started to see him last year, which convinced me. But other people are not shy about it:” LeBron and Cox believed them. LeBron said: “I feel very honoured to be able to participate in the show. Things are going very well,” LeBron said, and then entered Rose and his new favourite scene from the work “Pants That Are Great.” Innate. “The thing about this pair of pants is done. “Leather still makes me laugh,” he said.”That was the day, Marina [her daughter] and I were in the kitchen, we had dinner, I told her, look at this, it’s funny, look at David.

mathew perry
Friends Reunion Special – Quiz

3. There Are Great New Scenes:

I see a lot of YouTube friends everywhere Wrong. For many years, we have always thought that there are no abandoned relics, we did not see, but it turns out that there is a pair in the vault that was first released during the reunion. In the scene of Monica and Chandler lying in bed, We may not repeat a very annoying unscripted joke here, and when Perry can’t remember his lines, Perry will dance funny because LeBron and Schwimmer repeat the same dance behind him when he tries While dancing. Do it again.

Friends Reunion Special – Get Together

4. Perry ‘Wasn’t Healthy’

During the reunion, he had the least screen time among the top six. When the trailer was released, some fans expressed concern about his appearance and language (his previous addiction battles are well documented). Special efforts must be made in terms of work to confirm the live audience of the show. He said: “I think I will die if they don’t laugh. “Of course, this is harmful.” But sometimes I will say a line, they will not laugh, I will sweat, and will have seizures. If I didn’t laugh as I should, then I would be scared. I feel it every night. Later, he recalled that LeBlanc accidentally fell on the carpet and stopped filming, which made the audience very happy. Perry said: “I thought someone was laughing, I can’t stand it, and I have to laugh too.” The actors’ pursuit of public recognition obviously affected all their work. When his work “The End of Longing” debuted in London in 2016, it was rewritten several times during the performance and some new jokes were added within a few weeks. The public (including us) who have watched the series many times are surprised to discover new dialogue fragments.

the friends reunion
Friends Reunion Special – Matthew Perry

5. Warning: This Scene Is Not Suitable For Squeamishness:

Season 3 “The One No One Is Ready” is a fan favourite, and most people will remember the story of Chandler and Joey fighting for a chair. At some point in the episode, two people dive at the same time. Joey finally sat in the stern and threw himself into the furniture. Co-author Martha Kaufman (Martha Kaufman) recalled: “We filmed three times and the effect was very good.”God knows why we had to shoot him a fourth time. LeBron took over the story: “I jumped onto the coffee table and stumbled somehow, my legs were hanging in the air and my shoulders were wrong. LeBron has already told this story about Jimmy Kimmel, but during the reunion, we will see the original footage in which his arm seems to be detached from the body.

matt injured
Matt LeBlanc

6. Ross’s Quiz Is Back

Schwimmer recreated his fourth season quiz, in which boys and girls compete against each other to find the person who knows each other best. In the new round of questions, Schwimmer asked the actors to identify the characters from the audio clips in the episode. “That’s my monkey.” said a mysterious voice. “Mr. Hinkel?” Kudrow took a risk. “No, what is it called?” It was the man living downstairs, Aniston said, trying to find him. “Mr. Riggs? You might have guessed that the correct answer is always grumpy, Mr. Hickles. Fortunately, in the other rounds… there are better options.

Friends Reunion Special – Ross’s Quiz

7. There Is No Shortage of Best Stars

Some celebrities are very addicted to games and activities. We will not spoil them here, but in “Smelly Cat”, Kudrow has a very special duet. Other stars showed up briefly to share the influence of friends on their lives. RM of the Korean boy band BTS explained: “My mother bought me the entire series of DVDs when I was in elementary school.” “My friend really taught me English.” (We have heard this story before, but it is still a Good anecdote.) At the same time, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai revealed that he cares about routine comedian comedian Mindy Kaling likes The One with All Kisses, while actor Kit Kitington admires A in particular. At a critical moment in season five, Rose, Chandler and Rachel tried to occupy the sofa on the stairs. “I have to say that I am more like Monica, because I am a cleaning lover,” the football player Beckham mused. “I travel a lot and I always stay in the hotel. When I miss my children, I miss my family, and attract friends, I always have free time because it makes me smile.

david beckham
David Beckham

8. The Fake Joey Was almost Real Joey

Creators Kaufman and Crane (Kaufman and Crane) and director Kevin Bright (Kevin Bright) shared many behind-the-scenes stories. Friends and scholars, many of whom have heard that Cox originally auditioned before Rachel played Monica. But there are also new Nuggets here. Recalling Joey’s role during a difficult audition process. He said that he and LeBron and another actor “get together all the time.” “But the most interesting thing is that another actor appeared on the TV series “One from Unagi.” Ironically, Joey. This means that the other actor in the game is Louis Mandylor (Louis Mandylor). ), he appeared as part of the plot in the sixth season, in which Joey tried to make money by pretending to have identical twins.

Friends Reunion Special – Real Joey

9. Friends of Friends Show Up:

James Corden laughed at the most laughable and distinctive team. At this point, everyone is watching Kudrow. But then: “Oh, damn! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Shouting Maggie Wheeler (playing Janice) from the side of the stage, surprised the actors and met them on the famous sofa to chat with. James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther, was the only guest to participate through Zoom. “Ten Most Unforgettable Memories,” he said, “I have never had a better experience in the years of my life. During the performance, is there anyone that the actors don’t like? “Monkey, LeBron and Schwimmer responded immediately, referring to Rose’s partners. The first series of the show, Marcel. Schwimmer said: “I am an animal lover, but it inevitably happened. Because the monkey’s work was not done well, the scene was ruined. So we have to reconfigure ourselves, we have to move forward again… it continues again and again.

friends of friends
Friends Reunion Special – Friends Of Friends

10. Friends: The Movie?

It’s not easy for the show to maintain clear text, sibling roles, critically acclaimed stories, excellent screen chemistry, and strong audience attention over the past 10 years, but my friends managed to do this without skipping the sharks (although Very close) screen), season 9, its plot is weaker, the original title is “Shark Plot”. Fans of American sitcoms often jokingly say that any life situation can be linked to a friend’s story. The meeting seemed a bit boring, it ended up being a cool and fun event that would not disappoint followers. Over the years, many fans have been dreaming of a reunion with the stars, and they have played their own roles in new TV series or movies. Guess whether the actors have considered Corden’s question. “No, I’m sorry, I don’t know,” Kudrow said. “I have heard Martha and David say once, I totally agree that they performed well, everyone’s life is very good, and I hope there are many stories, so I have to unravel all these beautiful things. And I don’t want anyone to guess the happy ending. In addition, at my age, you must grow up to become a prostitute.

friends the movie
Friends Reunion Special


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