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The Channel 4 television presenter Sophie Morgan calls for air travel concession after being left with no way of moving “short of dragging herself along the floor”.

sophie morgan - left unattended at british airways flight

She took the 12-hour flight from Buenos Aires to London Heathrow, when she was left unassisted for 45 minutes. This is why she is calling for airlines to offer concessions for the disabled travelers and very rightly.

The Paralympics presenter said she called repeatedly for help on the 9 June service, to no avail.

“Two to three hours into the flight, I rang the call button as I needed a glass of water to take some medication,” she told The Independent.

“No one responded, so after half an hour I was left with little option. I started sliding headsets down the aisle to get someone’s attention – all in the hopes the cabin crew might see them from behind the curtain”.

“I started to get really frustrated and upset. Eventually a flight attendant wandered out and after 45 minutes the cabin manager finally came over and asked what was wrong. I was in distress and she told me to calm down; she told me it wasn’t their fault. 

“I know they weren’t deliberately ignoring me, but the fact is they knew I was sitting in that seat, they knew I was solely dependent on them for help, and they were aware of my needs and still didn’t meet them.” 

If you think that all then think again because she also added that she went a went to make an official complain against all this. However, not to the surprise Sophie Morgan found it very difficult to get hold of anyone and do the needful.   She even took it to her official twitter account where the British Airways representatives contacted saying to make a DM. To which very rightfully she stood on her firm grounds and asked for an official complain and NOT a private message.

Source: Independent.