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Samantha Markle – An unvited guest to visit the Duchess of Sussex was turned away by security at Kensington Palace.

The outspoken half-sister of Meghan. We know as Samantha Markle was allegedly turned away from the Duchess’s doorstep after coming uninvited.

Samantha, 53, flew into the UK with the goal of seeing her half-sister. However the photos seem to reveal her meeting with a wall of silence following an awkward stand-off with palace security.

The moment ended with Samantha, who suffers from MS, handing over a note to Kensington Palace security before purchasing Royal merchandise.

samantha markle - viral-a

Bizarre images show Samantha clutching a Harry mask she purchased from a souvenir shop after refusing to depart from the Kensington Palace.

Samantha Markle flew in two weeks after palace officials got a letter. Stating her behavior could ‘escalate’ if they didn’t organize a meeting with the Duchess, according to the Mirror.

It’s the most recent in a series of high profile public Bust-ups. Together with the palace following an on-going family feud between her half-sister and father, Thomas.

A source tells The Mirror that the fact Meghan’s older sibling was turned away ‘speaks volumes’.

Samantha markle, being pushed in a wheelchair by her partner, got nearer than ever to Harry and Meghan because of their extravagant marriage in May. However, this movement is likely to trigger additional ire in the royal side.

The timeline of Markle embarrassment goes in peaks and troughs. With the silence likely worrying the palace in regards to what the next Markle move will be.

In May Thomas Markle igniting a whirlwind of press attention after being exposed to selling photos to paparazzi. Prior to the royal wedding and then giving a tell-all interview to a British TV.