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Michael Jackson

The music and style icon followed by many. Tributes done in private are of no match. This being true for some.

If he hadn’t left the world so early. We would be celebrating his 60th birthday today with all the glamour and giant celebrations. But that won’t stop the music fans from celebrating Michael Jackson Birthday. However there is a family member speaking out and explaining his personal thoughts, which are somewhere related to our first line of the story. Private tributes are of no match.

An Instagram follower, earlier today asked Prince Jackson why he had yet to share anything for the big day.

“It’s your dad’s birthday,” the user wrote. “Expecting a post from you for him.”

Without wasting further time, Prince Jackson wrote the following note to his 500,000 followers

“If you expect anything from me you will get nothing. I see a plethora of ignorant messages like this on a daily basis. This is my account that is public to everyone and I will use it as I see fit,” he wrote. “If you’d like to see birthday posts for my dad look at what I’m tagged in.”

Prince continued, “I chose to honor him in a different, intimate, and personal way. Also for future reference ignorance like this will be posted and blocked. So think before you speak.”

Ultimately, some family members are honoring the King of Pop through various public ways.

Earlier today, Janet Jackson released a sneak peek of a new project that was inspired by Michael’s “Remember the Time” music video.

“Had so much fun with these guys @blameitonkway @kingbach @diamondbfilms!” the Grammy winner shared on Instagram Wednesday morning. “#MadeForNow #DaddyYankee #dancewithjanet.”

As for Paris, she shared messages from fan sites and close friends including a photo from Smokey Robinson’s profile.

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“On this day 60 years ago, the Greatest Entertainer of ALL TIME, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born,” one message stated.

“He revolutionized music, broke down racial barriers, set the blueprint for popular music and became the biggest, most impactful artist in global history. #MichaelJacksonDay.”

One thing is for sure. WE MISS YOU MICHAEL JACKSON you will never be replaced.

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