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Pawnee Fire finds its way in Lake County.

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The day when hundreds of people living in their peaceful homes where asked to evacuate. The day when Northern California saw it’s first fire of the season that went scorching through thousands of acres. That day was Monday when the blaze more familiarly known as the Pawnee Fire burnt down thousands of acres in Lake County.

Pawnee Fire that even after two days of burning is yet not contained went approx. 100 miles northwest of Sacramento. The way it was making its path through the land, destroying whatever was coming in its way. Seeing the destruction made Gov. Jerry Brown take the decision of forcing to declare state of emergency.

Discussing some figures of the destruction that the blaze did, from the officials was that it nearly took 8,000 acres on its way. Thankfully the area was mostly rural and not densely populated. However it still made 1,500 residents to leave their beloved homes and find a place somewhere safe and secure. Pawnee Fire also took 22 buildings and still threating another 600.

“It’s still very dangerous, as most fires are,” said Scott McLean, a Cal Fire deputy chief. “There is still significant fire activity. Not today, not tomorrow, but in the next few days, we expect to see the fire containment figures start to rise.”

Though the reason as to why the fire took place was still getting investigated. Said by the officials of Cal Fire. However Lt. Corey Paulich said that he believed among the destruction it was structures of homes that suffered the most; the others being the sheds, barns, garages and other buildings. He is a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

pawnee fire on map l viral-aHaving said that it is stated with a very heavy heart and unfortunate to mention that the Northern California have seen fires before as well. This Pawnee Fire surely brings back the memories from last October when a string of wildfires that collectively killed more than 40 people and over 7,000 structures were destroyed. Burning hundreds of thousands of acres of the beautiful California wine country and its nearby area.

Looking back in time in recent years, it was in 2016 when the Clayton Fire near Lower Lake took nearly 4,000 acres, destroying approximately 300 structures. Who can forget the Vally Fire in 2015 which took about 2,000 structures on its way, whereas killing four people.

For the people in Spring Valley area the authorities have issued an evacuation order. The population in the valley is in hundreds and their safe shelters have been arranged in a local high school. It was also urged to the people who stayed behind to minimize their water useage. In order to make sure enough water resources are available for the firefighters to cool down the blazing flames.

Beginning in the Northeast of Clearlake Oaks on Saturday the Pawnee Fire that spread wildly on Monday. Was now being driven by low relative humidity and erratic winds, which are above normal temperatures in the mid-80s.

It is not just the Pawnee Fire doing the destruction there are also several other flames spreading in the state in different areas.

Firstly mentioning the Creek Fire which started about 200 miles of northeast of Lake County. Spread over 1,300 acres in Shasta County on Monday. Next comes the Lane Fire that consumed 3,000 acres of land, burning between the two. Both the fires caused evacuation warning for its residents.

It is said that Mid-June is the beginning of traditional fire season in California. Chief McLean said more than 250 fires ignited last week in his agency’s jurisdiction, 90 of which started over the weekend. He also added the potential cause of this are the combinations of high winds, heat and abundance of fuels. That have spread over the region.

“The fortunate thing, and the unfortunate thing, is we have a population that is experienced,” Lieutenant Paulich of Lake County said. “They’re used to getting the evacuation notices and they know what to do what they get them. They’re aware of the dangers because of the last three years.”