two passengers detained for throwing coins in plane

Two passengers have been removed from a flight and arrested by authorities after throwing coins into the engine of a plane in east china for good luck and a secure flight.

Because of their activities, flight 8L9616 from Jinan, Shandong state to Chengdu, Sichuan, has been postponed for 2 hours according to the Chinese press. This affected a total of 260 passengers onboard.

Two passengers in their 20s and female were taken off the lucky air flight after admitting to throwing a 1 yuan coin as they were boarding the plane on Sunday night at Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport.

throwing coins in plane engine

A Lucky Air spokesperson told Beijing News that the superstitious passengers were wanting for a safe travel once they pitched the coins through the narrow gap between the jet bridge and the plane.

A team member seeing them and alerting police in the airport, who arrested them later coins were also found on the ground during the pre-flight check.

A witness that had been likewise supposed to be traveling on precisely the exact same flight, told video news site Pear that two uniformed officials removed two women from your airplane after a statement about the incident.

“All the other passengers were speechless,” she said. “We didn’t think something like this could actually happen”. The woman added: “They looked like they were in their mid-20s.”

However, it’s not clear if they were traveling together.

The Lucky Air spokesperson clarified that at the end; the pilot made a decision to move ahead with the flight, as the coins were found on the floor near the plane out of the engine – taking-off at 10.02pm local time, coming at Chengdu safely, however 2 hours late.

We need to be careful when opting for such activities and be sure whether our actions would be of trouble to others or not. For now let us see what the authorities come up with for these individuals.

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