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It was very recent that MacRumors found out about the domain name being registered by Apple Inc, according to WHOIS record. As per this new record the domain possession was taken on Friday by Apple Inc. A firm called CSC Corporate Domains is the registrar of this domain. This firm basically protects the domain names for large corporations and is also used by Apple for their domain registration purposes. domain viral-a

In order to help the governments and health agencies in fighting the recent corona virus outbreak Google and Apple had announced a joint effort. This joint effort would be used to create a Covid-19 contact tracing technology to assist the related institutions in fighting the recent coronavirus outbreak.

With its headquarters in Cupertino, California;  Apple Inc. is an american multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

They recently launched their products series in March 2020, and are set for some new very soon. Powerbeats, Ipad Pro, Macbook Air, Mac mini and Magic keyboard are the ones released this march 2020.

For now let’s find out how things unfold with the recently registered domain though the domain status yet does not point to an active website. Which is why there are many thoughts coming out in the market. Whether it is merely to safe their brand identity or perhaps in near future it might lead to the same joint venture that took place between Google and Apple. Simply because both the events took place on the same day.

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