We can not just stick to 10 fun activities to do in manchester because hand’s down, there exists a pile of interesting places. You can visit and things you can do in Manchester that may continue to keep you busy from the minute you arrive. It’s easily among the very fun cities to go to in England.

It is one of the cities that has something in-store for everyone. There is so much variety, civilization and warm ‘northern’ hospitality, and making this city an amazing stop in your trip.


In the event you just happen to be coming from larger cities such as London. Manchester is certainly worth earning that 2-hour train travel to have. Or you can book a taxi from london to manchester or taxi from Heathrow to Manchester whichever is feasible for you.

Below are some of the fun things to do in manchester (without any specific order).

1. Old Trafford Museum

Manchester is most widely recognized for Manchester United football team. Fans can get the entire adventurous experience on a trip to the club’s training ground at Old Trafford known as the “Theater of Dreams”. This perhaps may not be everybody’s cup of tea. You are probably going to see this to be among the least interesting things if you are not a die-hard fan of the club of football. You can also book a match day taxi transfer if you are lucky to find a match taking place within your holidays.

2. Manchester Cathedral

Dating back to 1215, Manchester Cathedral delivers a rest from this city’s hustle and bustle.

The Official title is ” The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George ” and can be still just yet another excellent site that should be seen from the metropolis.

3. John Rylands Library

The John Rylands Library can be really actually just a book worm’s dream place to visit. The Library is committed to John Rylands, a cotton merchant who was instrumental in the historical creation of Manchester.

4. Manchester Art Gallery

Come if you’d like to have a walk through the history of Manchester it is conveniently situated at the center of the city.

Here you will discover works that return to the pre-Raphaelite period in addition to works by famous regional artists such as Lowry. It among the very fun what you can do in Manchester in case you would like a piece of culture. After all, Manchester is filled with it.

5. The National Football Museum

The National Football Museum is also where to come if you would like to know about the two football clubs of Manchester, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

There are a range of interactive displays and also that is certainly an essential pit stop for anybody even remotely thinking about football

6. The Lowry

Lowry has been the most celebrated performer of Manchester, and also this place is focused on embracing his top works. Now you can view the paintings of Lowry and in addition, there are other shows like theatrical bits and performances.

7. Imperial War Museum

As the name implies the Imperial War Museum takes visitors on a walk through the military history. There is a range of exhibits that are static and interactive here and is situated on The Quays. Which itself is an iconic area of the city of Manchester.

8. Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum can be just really actually a stop especially because the attractions are acceptable for all people and for individuals visiting the city.

It is probably one of the fun things to do in manchester when the weather takes a turn to the worse!

9. Albert Square

This Square hosts the striking and spacious Manchester city hall, and this is a reason by itself.

The Square is also home to a multitude of buildings and can be one place worth seeing to find yourself a feeling of how both the architectural art and history of Manchester.

10. Heaton Park

People searching the city for green space and also the possibility to unwind in should go to Heaton Park – a massive expanse of green-land crossing more than 200 acres. There are some magnificent landmarks so take a while to look at these. So grab all your loved ones book a minibus taxi and head to this wonderful place all together rather than hiring different taxis and increasing your budget.

Now that we have some starters why not make many other important and famous landmarks and places to visit part of this list. Because there are more then these 10 fun activities to do in Manchester and surely not all of them are covered here. So grab your pen and start making a list of your own. But more importantly, make sure you have all the holiday bookings done and are ready for your trip.

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