I work in Liverpool and for obvious reasons had to go back home for Christmas celebration to Philippines. It was a grand family reunion and everybody was asked to be there and not put forward any reason for not making it. So, I applied for the vacations almost a month before, because the closer the time the more chances of getting the request cancelled and I could not take any chances. This brought another thing to worry and sort out well ahead of time was to hire a liverpool to manchester airport taxi because there were no flights available at Liverpool airport on the dates I was going. So, I had to take a flight from Manchester.

I got a couple of recommendations from my friends who used such services. There were many recommendations such as hiring a minibus to manchester airport from liverpool as I had a lot of luggage. So, rather than paying more and getting fewer facilities I was recommended this service. Similarly, a friend of mine recommended luxury car hire manchester airport and manchester airport meet and greet service but when they got to know my trip details they realized it was not a good and recommended option.


Nevertheless, I was flooded with many recommendations and companies providing such services and I had a long list to select from. Which I did go through in the coming days and finalized a couple of such services providing company for my trip to Manchester airport.

I also started with my shopping and all the other needful things I had to finish before going home for vacations. It were almost 4 days since I have sent my application for approval to the management. On the 5th day I got a call from my manager and was handed back the letter I had written, upon opening the letter there was no limit of my joy. I couldn’t keep it under control and unexpectedly and unconditionally started screaming with joy. To which not only my manager but almost everyone in the premises started staring at me. It had been almost 4 years I never asked for a vacation so it was obvious that something of this level would happen. This is why everyone was also joining me in my celebrations and not thinking I was being unreasonable.

My celebrations were nothing as compared to my family members when I told them that my holiday request was approved and I was coming to meet them.

Now that I knew everything was confirmed I fast tracked my preparations and was done almost 5 days before my departure. There were no words to explain what I was going through and how hard those 5 days were to pass.

Liverpool has given me a lot but when it comes about your parents’ home there is nothing that can come upto the level. If you wish to know what happened in the coming days then you will have to wait until my next post on this site. I would love to share my experience with you and know your best Christmas celebration moments.

Christmas indeed an event we all love and always enjoy to the fullest. The entire country is decorated, a festive seasons where everyone enjoys and gets treated equally. But when it comes to celebrations with family there is nothing that can beat that by any means. Let us know in comments your best and favorite Christmas celebration moments, there is something for everyone in someone’s story. So share it with all of us and let the world know different emotions and come together. After all, that is what festive are for, bringing everyone together and sharing all the love and emotions.