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The digital marketing process and its fundamentals.

With the advent of Digital Marketing the world of marketing took a great turn in the 2000s, however it all started back in 1990s.

Comprising on the elements such as internet, smartphones, technology to advertise your business its products and services is what digital marketing implies. In today’s world many companies have their own in-house team of digital marketing experts while the remaining have hired the services of a digital marketing agency for their business.

Regardless, of the choice the importance and need of digital marketing cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Which is why it is recommended to start today with your strategy and gain the top spots before your competitors do.

There are many examples and cases in recent times which quite clearly prove the fact that digital marketing is quantifiable, cheaper with a wide functional advantage as compared to the traditional marketing methods. Methods that were the marketing leaders in their own respective era.

Digital marketing itself comprises of various methods, these methods work together and if one left behind than surely desired results won’t be achieved.

To make you further understand the digital marketing process here are some of the fundamental aspects and their brief details.

  1. Website Marketing

On an average Google have over 100 billion searches per month truly not only fascinating but also a reason is why having an online presence matters in today’s era.

This also proves the importance and need of website marketing. If done correctly can do wonders and add a lot to the profits of your business. The fact that about 40% of the people uses search engines to look for products and services to fit their needs as per the report published in the Business Insider. Is just another one of the major reasons to motivate you to have your website marketing done from professionals and at your earliest.

digital marketing process

What is website marketing and how to start it?

The first and foremost element has to be the presence of your website. You need to create a website and add your products/services to it. Make sure it is user friendly and also has the needed elements both technical and non-technical. This is why you should have a professional website developer doing the task for you.

Having a website automatically gives you an advantage of adding more numbers to your profits sheet (once you have started and achieved the desired results).

Once you have that perfect website built for your business, one thing is for sure if you leave it as it is than it won’t be of benefit. You need to implement the right marketing strategy to bring up the best and desired result.

Search Engine Optimization being one of the biggest parts of the entire marketing strategy with some other traditional and modern marketing tactics.

2. SEO:

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others have their own set of rules to bring a website on top when a user submits a query. These set of rules are what makes a business reach rank no1 or not. This is where search engine optimization (seo) comes into play. The art of ranking through white hat methods as per the search engine’s rules to achieve the desired results is called seo. There are two kinds of seo 1.On-Page and 2. Off-Page, both have then their divisions and involves various methods that needs to work in perfect harmony.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry a lot if you are not familiar with all the link building and other seo practices. There are many digital marketing firms who would love to work for the growth of your brand. All you need to do is get in touch with the ones that suits your needs and is within the range of your budget.

3. Social Media Marketing:

With new users joining the social media platforms every day and the existing using it often to interact and many other reasons. The importance of social media can never be ignored. Chose the perfect social media platform for your business service / products and watch your rankings and profits boost. This is also one of the off-page methods but more importantly a way to interact with your customers and build new ones each and every day. Having an active and updated social media account can be very much beneficial.

4. PPC Advertising:

If you have ever noticed those paid advertisements that comes up when you type a query on search engines or having the word sponsored written next to the post on you social feed. All those are known as the Pay-per-click advertising (PPC). The name changes from platform to platform however the basic concept remains the same. Every time a user clicks or sees your add you get charged a certain amount.

However, due to the delicate and target oriented nature it is always recommended to hire an expert to do the job. Otherwise, you will end up losing more money for less conversions and profits.

5. Email Marketing:

Sending commercial emails to the existing and potential customers with the intent of promoting, describing or offering your services and offers is what is known as email marketing.

It is one of the fundamental pillars of the digital marketing process and if implemented the right way can do great amount of benefit to your business. It not only helps your sales and conversion but is also a great way of building long term relationships with your clients. Something that can prove to be the difference between average customer services and exceptional customer services. In the year 2015 a study by the DMA stated for every $1 there is an average ROI of $38.

Above mentioned are some of the basic fundamentals of the digital marketing process with brief details for each method. Now, that you have some idea why not decide whether you wish to hire a digital marketing agency or an in-house team for your business. Perhaps maybe you are thinking on the lines of doing it yourself if you are in the early days of the business and do not wish to spend much on other out-sourced services and concentrate more on your products and services offered.